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Know When to Use a Consultant

Marsha Kolker
Vice President,
Sandberg Management

Know When to Use a Consultant

Setting the Scene

My story is about doing a conversion to a dual-fuel boiler, which means that we can choose when to use gas and when to use oil, whichever is more cost-effective for the building (we are locked in with Con Edison to use gas for the first few years).

Following the Action

We asked for references for several consultants and ended up selecting Robert Germain, who has been fantastic. He guided us from the beginning to the end, and put together a perfect manual for the project. We bid it out, selected a contractor, and applied to Con Ed to install gas service. We started the entire process last spring, and, as of June, it’s almost complete. Although we started planning it nearly a year ago, the actual installation of an entirely new system took about six months. It was a fairly complicated project, but the consultant made a world of difference. In the end, we’ve gotten a great product. We just got our gas approved. We’re getting the meter installed, and then we’ll be running natural gas for the building, which we’re all very excited about.

Doing It Right

For boards that have to undergo large projects – such as a boiler conversion from oil to gas, or going to dual fuel – it is very important to use a consultant. I’ve done conversions without one and with a one, and I find that using a professional who knows the ins and outs of Con Ed, and how to obtain the proper permitting, inspections, and sign-offs was a tremendous help. It made the process a lot easier for everyone. _______________________

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