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The Business of Management in 2018

Property management is a relationship in action. It develops over time and, like marriage, can thrive or falter.

One hopes that the relationship never ends or, if strained, that it can be fixed. But if it can’t, your board will need to search for a new partner. The Business of Management survey is a good place to start looking. This year, 44 companies participated, answering questions about their business practices, their portfolio size, and the fees they charge for management and other add-ons. You’ll also find information on digital capabilities, which have grown in importance as a means of conducting business for boards and residents alike.

No relationship can be sealed without a contract, and we close the Business of Management section with a discussion of this topic. Your board and your attorney will need to tailor the contract to fits the needs of your corporation, and our story gives you the key areas to negotiate.


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