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What Lies Ahead: Finance

First Funding

Patrick Niland, President

35+ Years in Business


Boards need to develop budgets that not only recognize the effect of inflation on all operating expenses but also include meaningful allocations for future repairs and improvements. This new, forward-thinking operating approach may move some boards to refinance their underlying mortgage or seek condominium financing to put their properties on a firmer financial foundation and lock in today’s low rates.


National Cooperative Bank

Harley Seligman, Senior Vice President

44 Years in Business


We see a growing need for capital for housing co-ops and condos as infrastructure repairs, local laws and other requirements are instituted in New York to ensure the safety of the housing stock. As buildings continue to age, the repairs can’t get pushed off. The need for competitive lending programs is critical.


Winter & Company Commercial Real Estate Finance

Gregg Winter, Owner and President

22 Years in Business


The regulatory environment for co-ops and condominiums just keeps getting more complex. The existential challenge for boards is to not allow “the perfect decision to be the enemy of the good.” Spend adequate time to interview and choose good professionals, and then allow them to provide high-quality advice.

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