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NYC co-ops and condos, like all residential apartment buildings, are bricks and mortar. They need care, maintenance, and money to pay for the upkeep. The goal, though, is not to make a profit, but to create an environment that owners want to live and invest in. How co-op and condo buildings do that in New York City is what you'll find here. 

How to Address Resident Hoarding in Co-Op and Condo Boards: Strategies for Safety

Written by Jennine Cullen, Associate Attorney, Taylor, Eldridge & Endres on March 28, 2024

New York City

A board of a co-op or condo must first document the situation, seek emergency orders from the courts, and appoint a guardian to help facilitate a hoarding situation.

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Co-op and Condo Boards Face Challenges Accommodating Emotional Support Animals

Written by Carl Finger, Principal, Finger & Finger on March 14, 2024

Emotional support animals are protected under the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, and boards should establish clear policies outlining the documentation required for ESA requests, while also ensuring prompt responses to requests and leveraging existing bylaws and lease agreements to enforce rules and regulations.

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Under the warranty of habitability, co-op and condo boards must make sure all intercoms work.

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The Trump brand has proven a drag on values for Manhattan condos.

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As co-op and condo boards struggle to prevent fires, city is enforcing new laws.

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There are several factors that determine the legal capacity of rooftop amenity spaces.

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Deadly Florida condo collapse moved New Jersey to tighten building inspections.

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Co-op and condo boards are urged to get busy complying with Local Law 126.

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Number of fires and deaths from faulty lithium-ion batteries rose again last year.

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There are places to turn for help when an elderly resident suffers from impairment.

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