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Whether you've served on your co-op/condo board for a long time, or just started, there are a myriad of professionals you will interact with and learn from. In this series, Habitat Magazine editors interview the leading New York property management executives to find out what works, what doesn't and where board challenges lie. You'll learn valuable insider tips and resources for solving the myriad of problems that you might face while governing your building.

July 11, 2024
Season 2
Episode 1

Turning A Gas Nightmare Into A Triumph

In the annals of gas inspections, this 45-unit co-op faced a unique one. The board learned from their plumber that the individual boilers and water heaters in each apartment were no longer code compliant. This meant the building wouldn’t be able to pass a gas inspection, and if there was a gas shutdown for any reason, it couldn’t be turned back on. Not good news for the board, and Margaret McAdams, Director of Management at Buchbinder & Warren tells Habitat’s Carol Ott how the board turned this gas doomsday scenario into a win for the co-op.

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