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NYC co-ops and condos face legal and financial challenges that have to be solved. Whether it's a question of how to raise more money, how to deal with angry owners, or the best ways to work with a building's accountant or lawyer, co-op and condo board directors have to make decisions. The collection of articles here will help your co-op or condo board navigate these waters.

Distorted rates are not always tied to home values or levels of risk.

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The International Tailoring Company Building has achieved a triple-play with hybrid electrification, reducing fossil fuel use by over 80%, reducing annual energy use by 57%, and making apartments more comfortable.

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A luxury West End Avenue co-op is using an interest-free contractor payment plan to fund a nine-month, multimillion dollar riser replacement project, allowing the work to start immediately and stretching the monthly assessments nine months beyond the expected completion date.

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Historic deal preserves affordability under a 99-year regulatory agreement.

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Denying access based on religious observance may be considered discrimination.

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Water rates increased by 8.5% due to a budget maneuver by Mayor Eric Adams.

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Co-op boards have the right to enter into confidential settlements with employees.

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Debate centered on Carnegie House, a co-op facing a stiff land-lease rent increase.

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Court rules that windows are part of individual apartments and not common elements.

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Board Decisions on Repair Projects Require Strict Adherence to Governing Documents

Written by Michael Savino, Partner, Braverman Greenspun on June 06, 2024

New York City

Co-op and condo boards must consult the governing documents before approving repair projects, as failure to do so could result in a lawsuit for breach of fiduciary duty.

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